The science is in — a grateful disposition reduces materialism, risk of burnout and symptoms of depression and makes you happier! Here are three small acts with big impacts to help you practice gratitude daily.


Handwritten Notes

Get Started:

  • Pick up a pen and a pack of blank note cards
  • Send at least one note a week
  • Keep it positive, including at least one reason why you’re grateful for this connection

Studies show People who write notes are more satisfied with
life and show fewer symptoms of depression.1


Small Acts of Kindness

Get Started:

  • Buy coffee for a coworker or donuts for the office.
  • Be a genuine listener — look for opportunities to fill a need
  • Get lunch with a friend who is new to the area

Studies show More kindness means more happiness! When participants in one study performed acts of kindness for friends, family members and colleagues for seven days, they all reported higher levels of happiness and well-being.2


Daily Gratitude Check-Ins

Get Started:

  • Write three things you’re grateful for on a sticky note, and glance at it regularly
  • Take a daily walk, and reflect on what you’re grateful for
  • Keep a gratitude journal, updating at the beginning or end of your day

Studies show Counting our blessings increases well-being. Writing down what you’re grateful for each week creates more life satisfaction and optimism for the week ahead.3


SOURCE: 1Jamie Ducharme, “Why You Should Write More Thank You Notes,” Time Magazine, August 31, 2018., “Does KindNess Create Happiness?” January 26, 2017.

3SummerAllen, The Science of Gratitude (Berkeley, CA: Greater Good Science Center, 2018).

I’m grateful for you, and happy to help keep you accountable on your own gratitude journey!


As you increase your happiness, use these apps to track your progress and remind you to smile, breathe and have a bit of fun!

Track Your Happiness

Created by Harvard University researchers, this app prompts you to answer questions throughout the day, generating a “happiness report” after 50 questions


This app calculates happiness score based on a questionnaire. It provides games and activities to help shift your mindset, tackle stress and find more happiness.

My Gratitude Journal

This digital journal helps you track five things you’re grateful for each day, and gives rewards as incentives to stay consistent.


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