It’s impossible to predict the future, but here’s a look at where the real estate market stands at the beginning of 2020.

First-Time Buyers Toss Their Hats in the Ring
First-time buyers comprised 33% of all home buyers.3

Explained:  Many older millennials (ages 29 to 38) are getting into the market.3

Bigger Picture:  Low rates make a monthly mortgage more appealing than the monthly rent, encouraging young people to purchase a home and build equity.

Home Prices Continue to Rise
Home prices crept up slowly year-over-year in 2019.2

Explained:  Inventory is still tight, contributing to a steady increase in prices. Bigger Picture: Despite this steady increase, historically low mortgage rates make the monthly payment more affordable.

Bigger Picture:  Despite this steady increase, historically low mortgage rates make the monthly payment more affordable.

Existing Home Sales Looking Up
Existing home sales increased in 2019.1

Explained:  Buyers took advantage of low interest rates, leading to more homes being sold.

Bigger Picture:  It’s a good time for sellers, with homes spending about a month on the market.

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2005 vs. 2020: Changing Times, Changing Markets

Many people are approaching this year anticipating another recession. However, times have changed, and there are quite a few differences between the years that  led up to 2008 and today that may ease these concerns.

At the end of 2019, the U.S. jobless
claims were at a 50-year-low.4

When adjusted for inflation, today’s home prices are lower
than those in2006 that contributed to the crash.5

Subprime or non-prime loans (granted to borrowers unable to qualify for conventional mortgages) only made up a small percentage of loans in the past five years compared to 20% in 2005.6

Stricter lending standards reduce the likelihood of
borrowers defaulting on their mortgages.7

Homeowners are more cautious, choosing to retain equity in their
homes instead of borrowing against them.8


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