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Jahmal Hudson says

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June 2021
Vincent is a good guy…..I mean a REALLY GOOD GUY!! I have known Vincent for years and when he told me that he received his realtors license, I said you’re going to help me buy my first home. It took me and my wife a few years to get our credit together and Vincent would call periodically, he genuinely cared about our well being and kept encouraging us that our dream can become a reality if we stay focused and motivated. When we were able to get everything aligned, Vincent was right there helping us through the entire process. There was a time when we felt like giving up because we kept getting outbid, but Vincent assured us that there is a house out there with our name on it. We finally were able to buy a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home to raise our children, we were very happy. Vincent has been professional, informative, patient and thorough. I recommend Vincent to every person I come in contact with thinking about buying or selling a home.
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